Catwalk Video Service

The digitalisation of marketing services has led us to transcend the static image of the traditional photograph, to add new communication techniques, in this case in the form of video, the most realistic form and in all possible formats. The aim is to reach and capture the attention of an ever wider public, willing to be surprised and convinced by the images.

If this is applicable to practically any business model, it is even more so in the case of fashion. Video catwalk services for fashion retailers have become essential.

At Fotoempresas, we are image professionals, whether in photograph or video format. We will help you to promote your company’s brand so that you succeed and become an industry reference. Catwalk videos are one of our strong points. You can trust us and our experience, based on the satisfaction of so many clients.

In addition, we have our own modelling agency modelosecommerce, with models trained specifically for ecommerce photography and video catwalk. A great option for our clients who will be able to choose the one that best suits what they are looking for.

What does the service consist of?

Video marketing is a tool that relies on the use of audio-visual images and is disseminated through the Internet with the intention of adding value to the most varied advertising strategies. The objective is to make visible, position and sell, in other words, the much sought-after conversion.

Video marketing is a booming service, demanded by more and more companies that wish to increase their notoriety through audio-visual content. It is an ideal medium for all audiences, but it is, above all, the one that attracts the so-called Generation Y and Generation Z, the youngest, who connect quickly and emotionally with what is shown to them through the images that are disseminated through social media

Benefits of including videos

Content marketing is greatly enriched with the video format, which is easily optimisable and shareable until it becomes viral. Hence its success and the fact that it has exponentially gained in popularity

If it is about creating videos for your fashion brand, then we are talking about a catwalk that, as in the best modelling events, offers a sample of the best of your trade and your business. You should be aware that audio-visual content has a proven positive impact on sales and, according to some objective data, up to 90% of internet users say that product videos are useful when deciding whether and what to buy.

In the case of a fashion shop, the video shows in a reliable way all the details of the product and highlights, in an evident way, how the garments look when worn by models or even mannequins.

In this case, video production in fashion events is not limited to the presentation on the catwalk, going far beyond the show itself. A whole world is created around a collection and a specific design work, which is enhanced by the viralisation of the images that are shared on all the social networks.

If the fashion world is already fashionable by definition, the creation of catwalk videos increases this sensation even more and also encourages customers to retain the images in their minds, so that the brand becomes part of the top of mind of future customers.

A fashion collection presentation is both complex and ephemeral. Therefore, when the show is over and the spotlights go out, one way to please an audience that asks for more is the creation of a video catwalk. Short videos with the ability to increase consumer interest, enhance the brand and stay connected with potential clientele.

Catwalk videos with models

If your business is an online shop, the video catwalk is a perfect opportunity to show your products in motion in your virtual shop window. It is the most effective way for your customers to see how the garments look, how they move.

It is an excellent method to humanise your brand, also showing the workshop, the team you work with, and the evolution of your designs until they reach their final stage, namely, their presentation to the public through the Internet.

As for the effectiveness of the video catwalk, it has been shown that online shops that have many videos on their site, showing between 50 and 70% of the total number of products, have a 31% more effective conversion rate than those that lower this percentage to 25% or even less.

The equation is simple: fewer videos and fewer images lead to fewer conversions, exactly the opposite of what is intended.

An online shop is strategically designed so that the public enters, stays longer, and jumps from product to product, buying whatever they like. It has been proven that customers who watch 10 videos buy up to 119% more than those who stopped after just one video.

It’s not about cramming the audience, it’s about giving them small capsules of well-crafted information, created by professionals with the idea of generating sales. Companies that act in this way and take these strategies into account, succeed.

At Fotoempresas, we are image professionals, whether in photography or video format. We will help you to promote your company’s brand so that you succeed and become a leading industry reference.

Catwalk videos are one of our strong points. You can trust us and our experience, based on the satisfaction of so many clients.

Come and present us your project, explain to us how we can help you, and we will swiftly put together and estimate without any obligation. You will see that fashion becomes even more magical and fascinating if the images are well crafted – your clients will be tempted to want more.

Your new collection as you could not imagine it, with a great web launch, presence on social networks and viralisation of your catwalk.