Still life photos for social networks and banners

Still life photographs are a widely used tool to connect with the customers.

We are specialized in Still Life photos. We are very focus on this kind of photos to help our customers to have some images for their social networks and banners. They are essential to their brand image.



Still life photos


Compositions for a good still life photography are very elaborated, although in appearance they look like simple. We have experience in artistic inspiration, we mix techniques, objects to contrast color and shapes, we combine textures … We use different lighting techniques, angles, compositions.


Still life photography is a Photography genre. It is used to describe inanimate objects, or a small group of objects. The most typical example are food products. The three key elements of still life photography are light, composition, and color.



We try to make our still lifes tell a story. We do our best to show the image that our clients need for their brand through our still lifes. With this goal, we carefully choose the background: either a flat background on which to highlight the product, or a more personalized background that adds content and context to the object. We also take extreme care of the type of lighting: natural or artificial, and the quality of the light.


The sense of composition is essential for still life photography. We can create styles from scratch, or based on the tastes of the client, until we reach the desired result.

Many of our clients regularly work on still life photography. They can define better their brand image, present product combinations on the networks that help increase the shopping cart, contextualize their products … There are a thousand reasons to opt for these compositions!


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