Product Photography

Product photography has become a vital and multifaceted means of communication, a way of expressing oneself and even a way of creating art.

The advanced evolution in the digital medium makes product photography an essential tool for generating more business within any sphere of e-commerce.

What is product photography?

Photos have the innate potential to create a feeling, an emotion, an idea or even a desire in the mind of those who see them. This is precisely what product photography is about: displaying a product in a distinct, relevant way, in order to attract buyers and increase its profitability.  

Product photography is a visual representation, captured through a camera, of an object that is presented in the most attractive way possible for commercial use. That is why product photography is key in any advertising campaign that focuses on one or more products, around which the ecommerce business revolves. If customers want the product through photography, the product is more likely to be purchased.

Including high calibre product photos on one’s website directly conveys to the customer a clear sense of quality, transparency, and truth. Few things are more honest than a photo, clearly showing the reality of a product. Even through the embellishment and beautifying that lighting and retouching provides, product photography always corresponds to what you are really selling. In the end, the better the quality of the product image, the higher the chances of selling it.

Advantages of product photography

Few communicative elements have such a highly persuasive effect when it comes to selling a product as a high-quality image, clearly and succinctly displaying the product’s characteristics and its varying uses. The same applies to the support provided by video content, which has the capacity to go into yet more detail. 

Let’s look at some advantages of good product photography.

  • They effectively attract the attention of buyers, encouraging them to make purchases. 
  • They truthfully display the product as it is. 
  • They communicate key information about of the product’s properties, such as colour, dimensions and materials.
  • They help buyers visualise how the product will work in their daily lives.
  • They increase your sales.

This applies to both traditional and e-commerce businesses, but it is in the latter where product photography takes precedence, even over advertising.


More than 80% of internet users recognise when photographs displayed by online shops are small and of poor quality, swiftly leading them to turn elsewhere for their needs and thus losing a customer and the option of making a sale.

Adding product photography to your e-commerce business enables you to:

  • Create positive visual impact.
  • Convince the customer of the quality of what you offer.
  • Gain the customer’s confidence because you are going to generate security to make the purchase.
  • Quickly recover the investment you have made in the photographs, exponentially increasing your sales. 

This applies to both traditional and e-commerce businesses, but it is in the latter where it is even more important than mere advertising.

Reduction in returns


Since the customer already knows the characteristics of the product, they are buying from your ecommerce site, the volume of potential returns decreases radically. Thanks to the photograph, the customer knows perfectly well what he is going to buy, even more so if it is accompanied by a detailed description of all its characteristics, using well-chosen words. In this way you will distinguish yourself from the competition.


Improves engagement


It is essential for your ecommerce that customers come back and buy again. Photographs play a fundamental role in this process of building loyalty to your brand and products.

If the internet user browsing your website likes what they see, they will spend more time browsing, jumping from one product to another and from one menu to the next. The longer you hold their attention, the more likely you are to succeed in the sale. When in doubt, look at what your competitors are doing, and if you notice that the quality of their photos is better than yours, do not hesitate to improve yours.

Types of product photography

There are seven basic types of product photography, all of them effectively communicating the various elements of your e-commerce products, and thus comm informing potential buyers in an artistic way.

fotografia de producto

While it is true that product photos must respond to a visual description of the item, they do not necessarily have to have the same characteristics. Let’s look at 5 basic types of product photos:

  • Studio photography – shows the product against a flat, neutral, well-lit background. A studio photo is the most efficient way to show what you are selling. With good white balance and the right camera, you can achieve outstanding results. Naturally, a video will further reinforce these results.
  • Lifestyle photography – It is a good idea to show the product in its environment, as the customer will use it when they have it in their home and use it. For this type of image, it is essential to create an atmosphere in the studio that allows the buyer to imagine that it is not just an advertising product, but an object that will serve his utility and therefore, as a result, he will want it.
  • Scaled photo – This is the type of photo that shows the size of the product compared to the place where it should be placed. For example, a scarf knotted around the neck, which describes more than just the isolated product in question. The point is to show the camera what it is, what it looks like and how it is worn.
  • Detail shot – You can show the features of your product from all angles. This way your website will also look more complete, and the results will be better. Take care of the details that you consider important and make a balance so that the light is appropriate for each occasion.
  • Packaging photo – This consists of showing how the product is packaged so that buyers have more information about your brand.
  • Photo of the manufacturing process of an item, from beginning to end, especially if it is a handmade object. These photos are perfect for social media. Which we will discuss now.


For Social Media Platforms


Having a lot of quality photos and videos, taken with a professional camera in a studio, will naturally give you good results. Advertising on social media has some conditions that you should bear in mind to draw attention to your profile and online shop.

If you have a good number of high-quality photographs, you will have a large album to feed your social networks with content. This is essential to reach your potential customers. Social media profiles are blank books, and you need to know how to fill them with advertising campaigns for your company on Instagram or Facebook.




Something similar happens with product photos for your website. The images on your website not only embellish, but also position it and encourage conversions, which is the result you want to achieve.

 These are some aspects that you must take into account regarding your website:

  • The design of its architecture and contents.
  • Web design.
  • The development of the website.
  • The photographs to be included, both corporate and product photographs.
  • The photographs must reinforce the discourse of the website and the message it wants to transmit.




The photographs of the products that make up a catalogue will be the only visual reference that customers will have of your products, so the better the image, the more sales you will get. The basic function of photography designed to be integrated into a catalogue is to show the best version of the product.




They say that if you don’t show, you don’t sell. That’s why advertising is a fundamental factor in boosting sales for your business. Advertising also includes video production and does not rule out any other formulation that helps the objective of selling as soon as possible and the more the better.

To do this well, advertising photography must highlight the qualities of the product in an original and innovative way. It should distinguish you from the competition and directly address your buyer with a strong message.

With all these factors in your favour, your online shop cannot fail.

Experts in product photography in Barcelona

You can count on our highly skilled product photography team, who know just how to get the best out of the products in your online shop.

Learn to recognise studio photos and the processes invo9lved in taking them, with the right balance. Advertising is our forte and exceptional results are the goal we pursue. Our work aims to make your products look better and better, with a clean and clear white background that will make them stand out.

We are Europe’s No. 1 product photography company. You will find us in Barcelona working throughout the whole world, and also for you.

Product Photography Budge

Every job has its budget but, naturally, every client and every project is unique, and so we treat them as such. The budget that our company will prepare for you will include the number of photographs that you should have for your ecommerce site, your social networks and your advertising, taking into account the product in question.

Depending on these parameters and others that we determine in close discussion and collaboration, your budget will be tailored specifically to your wants, needs and requirements

eCommerce Product Photography

Show your products to the world with our eCommerce Product Photography service. Image quality is highly important, and this service will allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Since 2011 we have pioneered product photography for eCommerce, leading the way in the sector and setting the pace. We boast a well-defined, highly efficient workflow designed with your needs in mind, and always in collaboration with our clients. Take advantage of our expertise and get the best service.


Ecommerce product photography

Essentially the product photographs that we champion are descriptive photographs, on a white or grey background, with lighting that allows you to appreciate all the details of the product.

Our services include everything you need to ensure an optimal result. Starting with advice regarding typology and the latest trends, have you thought about what kind of light and what kind of angles could enhance your product? Let us take care of it! We take care of receiving the product, processing and preparing it, adapting the formats and, of course, retouching the images. You will be kept informed throughout the whole process!

We have a large team of 60 experts in photography and retouching for e-commerce. In our 1,600m² facilities we work with state-of-the-art photography and lighting equipment: in this way we achieve high quality results and a good pace of work.

We photograph, retouch and match the whole pack of products, enhancing them and leaving them ready to be used in any online shop, website etc. And the most important thing: if you like the result, the following season we assure you that it will be exactly the same, as we create specific guides for each client.

Our capacity allows us to deliver in a very short period of time, both in small and large volumes.

Professional service with the best photographers, call or write us!


As ecommerce experts, we will help you determine the specific needs of your online shop and advise you on any questions you may have. We adapt to the needs of each client and are able to photograph a variety of projects, from a few products in a short session in the studio to a complete catalogue of items.


What do you think? Contact us and let’s talk.

Do you want to know more? You can consult our frequently asked questions. If you need us to carry out specific jobs due to the number of images or formats (RAW, TIFF, etc.), or if you need retouching for pre-printing, ask us for a no-obligation quote.


In our company we have extensive experience in providing product photography services. Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from our customers.  If you want, before contacting us, you can consult them to clarify possible doubts.

Give us a call on 93 66 77 345 or send us an email to We’ll be happy to discuss your next product photography project.

Give us an idea of what you are looking for, we will answer any questions you may have in a clear and simple way.

Send your products to our studio through the company of your choice or if you prefer, bring them to us personally. Once we finish the project, we will let you know so you can pick them up.

Once the products arrive at our studio, we will contact you to let you know. We will then make sure they are all in good condition and confirm the number of products we have received. We will then start photographing your products.

Of course! You will receive at least two or three proofs before all products are photographed.

After photographing all your products, we will send you a link to a shared folder for review and approval.

Once we receive the final payment, we will send you a shared folder with all images at 72 dpi at 1000 px longest side (optimised for web). If you want a TIFF format there will be an additional charge. Also, at no additional cost to you, all your product images will be archived in our database.

Most projects take 5-10 working days from the date we receive your products. If you need your project done faster, please contact us so that we can discuss the possibility of putting urgency into your request. There will be an additional charge for all rush jobs.

No! We will be happy to assemble them for you. Depending on the complexity of the product assembly, there will be an additional hourly rate.

We specialise in small and medium sizes that fit easily on a table. However, our studio is able to accommodate products the size of an adult bicycle.

White is the ideal colour to make your products stand out, but you can opt for any other background colour of your choice.

YES! Still life photos take longer to photograph and are a bit more expensive.

Yes, but only on images that need more time than usual to correct imperfections, such as scratches on the labels (products that are not in perfect condition), and also products that are highly reflective, such as silver, gold, chrome, glass, etc… In any case, all these details will already be previously contemplated in the quote you accept.

Of course we do! We will re-shoot any image of your product that you are not satisfied with, and we will re-shoot until you are satisfied.

All payments are made by bank transfer

YES! The full rights of use are assigned to you, as soon as the invoice is paid in full. We recommend reading our publication Legal aspects of product images.

Yes! Our prices are very competitive. Consult our table of prices.