Product and fashion photography studio for eCommerce

We arethe first product and fashion photography company for eCommerce, Fotoempresas Photo Studio SL. Online sales are growing at an unstoppable speed, the sector has grown at increasing rates year after year and our company has grown exponentially with the sector since 2011.


We have a 1.600m² photographic studio located in Barcelona. 90% of our clients are from the fashion industry. Every season we improve our technique, we vary our placements, we expand our database of models and agencies: all this in order to offer you a wider service.


To offer the best product photography we also have the best human team and the best professional photographic material, to perform all the photographic services that our customers need:


– A team of 60 professionals
18 photo sets where we shoot simultaneously
4 model sets
Space for home sessions
– Lighting

Canon Full Frame Cameras
Rotating tables for 360º videos
– State-of-the-art servers and computers
Specific monitors calibrated for photo retouching. Department specialized in this work.
– Own warehouse where we handle 20,000 products monthly


In our photography studio we put at your disposal an equipment that consists of equipment consisting of:


  • The Production Department: directs and manages with our customers the batches received and performs all the traceability. Our customers know at all times where their product is and how their order is progressing.


  • The photo department: we have a varied team: photographers specialized in fashion, product, jewelry or accessories. We also have videographers available for product videos.


  • The Color Management department: special mention to this department where they take extreme care with colors. It is very important and over time has come to have its own department. The images are always close to the actual colors so that you will not have problems with returns.



  • The Copywriters department: a recent but no less important team where we have linguistic experts in 6 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, German, Italian and French.