Photography for Social Media

Photography for social media has become one of the most powerful and direct ways to communicate the message you want to send to the world. And since social media is part of everyday life, marked by haste and infinite scrolling, a good photo is the element that will capture the attention of your audience. The success of your message is naturally enhanced when you accompany the photo with the right words.

Here you can discover the importance of creating projects that include photos to upload to any of the social networks.

What is the significance of photography for social media?

Networks such as Instagram and Facebook, among others, are exceptional, highly communicative platforms for showcasing products; where users tend to look several times a day, searching for entertainment, information, business, promotion or simply to establish an efficient communication channel with others. That’s why the characteristics of what you wish to communicate are very important, especially the photo element, since this is the tool that helps to make the content of the post much more attractive.

Good images in a product post, especially if you focus on sales, will help your future customer to get a much more accurate idea of what you offer, as you add visual interest and help the user to essentially make their mind up.

In fact, the use of images in any communicative context contributes to broaden the dissemination of the message, both visual and textual.

Advantages of photography for social media?

Images are especially useful to make the messages you send through the networks better, more visible and much more suggestive. Good composition and layout will make your profile more attractive, and users will visit it again and again. In addition, photos make it easier for Google to identify and rank your content, especially if the quality of your photos is professional. It is also a strategic action to achieve the first of the objectives that every user wants from their online activities: relevance, authority, visibility, clicks, shares, comments, and conversion – all thanks to the content.

These are some of the advantages of including at least one professional photograph in every post you upload to your networks:

– Images are the first interaction the user has with your content and therefore, photos act almost as a business card. If they are interesting and have a professional touch, they will provoke a reaction of engagement and provide you with an opportunity for that user to stay with you and continue reading, click or leave a favourable comment.

– Photos hone and advance the message you want to spread. Backing up the text with a photo will help the reader understand much better and faster what you want to communicate and will also make your messages closer, more intelligible and better, to the point of becoming the soul of the message.

– Photography as a product is the most effective way to differentiate and diversify your content. Sometimes the image has more value and provides more information than the text of the post, so it needs to be of good quality, have a professional touch and distinguish you from the fierce competition that is established online.

– The best photos add a professional touch to any site. If you want to implement a branding strategy, images will be your ally, greatly helping to provoke a reaction in your followers, and increasing traffic on your site.

– A good photo highly complements the SEO, and vice versa. Two aspects must be considered: that the photo is appropriate and correct, and that it is well described with optimised keywords. In this way Google will have plenty of reasons to position your content in the search results, both in the web aspect and in images.

– Photos are a great support for any text. The best photos speak about your lifestyle, your personality and, in short, about you.

If you have a project in hand, you should always consider the editing of images, treating it as an indispensable element in the composition of your website, especially in the case of an ecommerce.

Editing photos and giving them a personal touch Is also a great way to heighten general attraction to your content and the products you offer.

What social media platforms do we most work with?

Without a doubt, social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are the ones you should work on the most, to make a place for yourself in the online world, spreading your knowledge, your products or simply your lifestyle and used as mere entertainment. Instagram and Facebook definitely take the laurels in terms of number of users and interaction. When it comes to working with photography for social media, these are our main platforms:


Instagram has no less than 1,000 million users, and is a platform created with the express idea that its profiles should primarily share audio-visual content. This makes it a great network for marketing, promotion, and business.

Another of Instagram’s advantages is that it has the approval of younger users who consider it relevant, entertaining and easy to use, with its fleeting stories, publications and all the interactions it allows in terms of likes, comments, sharing, and also buying and selling.


It is the most famous in the world and, for many years, the most widely used. It is attractive because it connects people, and it is easy to interact with it and with other users

On a visual level, it allows you to include photographs and videos to accompany texts and anything else you want to share with its 2.5 billion users.

Its popularity among Millennials and Generation X means that the content uploaded to this network refers to the lifestyle of its users and its subject matter is generalist. However, you should not forget that uploading a good text with quality images to accompany it will improve your user profile and the nature of your interactions. In this case, editing photos is a good idea.


It is a less popular social networking site, but it still has 322 million active users, a not insignificant figure if you consider that it is a platform designed for sharing infographics, videos, photographs and all kinds of audio-visual material online. It is like a great showcase, a kind of catalogue of ideas that allows users to organise and share all kinds of topics. On a visual level, it is very interesting.

Why use our company?

Now you know why creating and editing photos for social media is a good idea if you want to be known in the online world.

If you don’t have a lot of time or simply don’t know how to do it, you can use the services of a professional photographer who will offer their services to help you achieve your goals.

The photographers of our company are visual creators at your service and will adapt to your preferences and needs.

If you want to dedicate yourself to online work that engages users and consumers, then you need to have quality, well-crafted and totally professional content that undoubtedly conveys the idea you want to imprint on your brand. Photographic work such as that carried out by our experts will make your posts relevant and enchant both your audience and Google, which is, of all, the most demanding user.

You can therefore count on our experience and professionalism to edit your communications so that your composition reaches the top positions.

Photography budget for social media

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