Photographic Retouching and Post-Production

We know that for professional photographers, retouching and post-production of images is time-consuming and routine. That’s why we have a team of 20 professional retouchers at your disposal. If you want a photograph to have exactly the desired result, retouching is absolutely necessary: to get the best out of the photos and adapt them to your needs.

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Specialists in digital post-production of author, editorial, advertising image and eCommerce.

Here at Fotoempresas we are specialists in digital post-production for editorial images, advertising and eCommerce.

We will help you select the best photographs, solve any possible problems, and make improvements and adjustments according to our high-quality standards and, of course, the client’s requirements.

We retouch both for printed format (editorials, magazines, print advertising, company catalogues) and digital format (online sales websites, blogs, and any format you need for social networks), making the best possible use of your products and presenting them in a way that is true to the consumer.

Some of our post-production solutions for professionals are: RAW processing, beauty retouching, treatments, masking and colour development/management.

We offer photo retouching services for online shops: removal of backgrounds, cropping, masks, shadows, colour changes, reconstruction of invisible mannequins, jewellery retouching. 

In this way you will achieve a result that will captivate your customers and increase the turnover of your online shop.

We also carry out custom-designed automations to meet the needs of each client. Our goal is not only to offer the highest quality, but also to reduce to a minimum the time it takes to put the product online for sale.

Professional photo retouching for businesses and professionals


Fotoempresas are specialists in photo retouching for companies and professionals. We know that for professional photographers the post-production of images is time consuming, routine and time consuming, for this reason Fotoempresas puts at your disposal an exceptional team of professional photographic retouchers to help you. We offer low, competitive costs and punctuality in deliveries with excellent quality, as our equipment and machinery are optimised for this.

On the other hand we also offer photo retouching services to companies especially we are specialized in online stores for them we offer the same premises, low cost, punctuality and excellent results.


We are honest professionals, and we always explain to our clients that photo retouching has its limitations if we do not have a good photograph. Send us a sample image and we will do a test before working on the rest of the photographs so that you can see what we can achieve.

Send us a sample image and we will do a test before working on the rest of the pictures. This way you can see what we can achieve from a photograph. Ask us for a free quote.

Frequently asked questions for photo retouching service

Call us on 93 6677345 or send us an email to, we will be happy to help you.

We will send you a link to a shared folder for you to make the delivery or you can also use any cloud storage system you know or are interested in.


Of course! You will receive at least two or three proofs before all the images are retouched to discuss the details.

Most projects take 5 to 10 working days from the date we receive your images, depending on the quantity. If you need your project done faster, please contact us so we can discuss the possibility of putting urgency into your request. There will be an additional charge for all rush jobs.

60 days. After that time we will remove them from our server.

Yes, but only in the images that need more time than usual to correct imperfections and also the images that have highly reflective elements such as silver, gold, chrome, crystals, etc… In any case in the budget that you accept all these details will already be previously contemplated.

Of course! We will repeat any image until you are satisfied.

All payments will be made by bank transfer.

YES! Our prices are very competitive. Ask for them.