Photography of clothing for catalogues

Clothing photography is undoubtedly the most dominant and fashionable in the market. If the aim is to take photographs that will make up a brand’s catalogue, they must be studied, thought out and created in a certain way.

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Our company specialises in fashion and clothing photography.

Images that reflect some aspect of fashion must meet certain requirements, the first of which is to attract the eye and cause the appropriate sensation to encourage the purchase of what is on display.

Clothes are always a great way to enter the exciting world of accessories, personal style and products that many people use to enhance themselves and their lifestyles.

Our company’s professional photographers are specialised in fashion and clothing photography. As a result, our wide experience in the industry tells us that if you as a brand want to put your products within the reach of your target audience, you must have a catalogue of a very high standard, with an easily identifiable style, distinguishing you and making you unique, whether it is digital or in print.

In the physical medium, the high demand for quality, originality and research is of utmost importance to us.

Of all the forms of photography we offer, clothing photography offers the largest variety in aesthetic possibilities, often including accessories and other trend-setting elements, especially when it comes to photographs with models. In this case, the garments must also have movement and show how they flatter the person wearing them.

At Fotoempresas we will help you to create your own elegant and distinctive brand aesthetics that will make your advertising campaigns a turning point for growth and conversion.


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Because we understand the delicate and varied nature of model and fashion photography, we invest a huge amount of our aesthetic expertise and taste into the product we deliver to you, whether it’s clothing photography set up in the studio or on location in an outdoor environment.

We take care of everything, from casting the models who will appear in the photographs, to the resources and materials. In terms of exterior shoots, we scout the location and plan the shoot, taking into account the best time to take the photos, creating an ideal, staged environment, always remaining loyal to what your clothing and accessories brand wants to communicate to your potential audience. Our aim is that you have a unique catalogue, which shows the beauty and aesthetics of your product, especially if it is haute couture.

Personalised advice

Nobody knows better than you the product you are offering to your customers. Therefore, if you already have an idea of how you want to design or organise your catalogue of clothing, as professionals we can advise you.

We will study and plan everything from the arrangement of the mannequins to the lighting and the setting in which they should be displayed.

The aim is to enhance the product to the maximum and create beautiful photographs, whose objective is to make whoever sees them, want to look as good as the model that appears in the image.

Photography of fashion products

Photography must support the product, display its characteristics, and highlight its virtues. Its aesthetics must be attractive, emphasising textures, colours, and fabrics.

The more detailed these aspects are, the easier it will be to sell the garment and the more satisfied your customers will be, as what they buy is exactly what they have seen in your catalogue or on your website.

Crucially, if you are selling online this is something that must be taken into account.

Clothing photography with a model

This is a highly demanding professional field that requires a lot of thought and preparation beforehand. Fashion photography cannot be improvised in any way, on the contrary, each image must lead to enhance the beauty, style, colour, and shape of the clothes, even more so if they are placed on the body. And all this without forgetting the importance of accessories to round off an attractive composition.

In the end, fashion is attraction, beauty, fascination and glamour, the desire to approach an aesthetic ideal close to the gods.

In this type of photography, styling, both for male and female models, plays a very important role. Beyond the clothes, footwear, make-up and hairdressing, it perfects the work when it is well done and focused to cause the desired effects.

Close-up photography

In fashion, flat photography is another perfectly viable technique. It is primarily used to show clothes online.

It consists of placing the garment on a flat surface and placing the camera just above it, from above, with the garment folded or stretched. It also serves the purpose of showing the garment, although the customer can get a better idea of how it looks on the garment if it is worn by a model or a mannequin in the photograph.

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We are professional photographers at your service, dedicated to enhancing the value of your products with our help. We know that our work supports yours and for that reason we can work closely together to bring out the best of your business and show it to your target audience.

Ask us for a no-obligation quote. We’ll discuss how we’ll work with you and get started on showcasing your new collections. The photography we will do for your catalogue will be the showcase where you will display your products. For this reason, and because of our perpetual commitment to excellence, we will apply the best techniques and our advanced experience, with the aim of providing you with the best catalogue on the market, a highly important tool for sales and promotion.  

We would love to work with you and explore together all the possibilities that fashion photography has to offer.