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360º videos became all the rage as soon as they started to be used on social networks, at first as a curiosity, but lately because companies and communication and marketing professionals have realised the advantages of this type of digital product.

Here at Fotoempresas we also work with 360º videos with outstanding results, thanks to the work of our specialised professionals. Today we are fully immersed in the most realistic virtual images that make the imagination fly by showing reality from another point of view. Let’s see what these videos consist of and what advantages they offer.

What are 360 degrees videos?

360-degree or immersive video is a video recording system in which the viewer can see the entire contour of what is being reflected, in all directions, right, left, round, up and down.

This type of video has all scenes shot at the same time. To achieve this, you need either a multi-camera rig or an omnidirectional camera.

This is the definitive and surely logical step after digital panoramic images, the definitive leap to a type of video in which the viewer feels part of the scene where the action of the video clip takes place and, in addition, once processed, the user can control it so that the reproduction shows all the spatial details, just as the eye and the brain would capture them, in the case of being in reality.

This virtual reality recreation has become enormously popular in recent years, especially since 2015, when the YouTube platform began to host 360-degree videos. YouTube was followed by Facebook and in this way, this type of video captured the attention of its billions of users around the world.

The next logical step was for 360-degree footage to become an advertising attraction that reinforced any marketing campaign. Today, practically all mobile devices are capable of reproducing this type of clip, which has contributed to transforming a product that could be treated as a curiosity to being one that boasts a myriad of visual options. This has changed the user experience dramatically, converting it into one that the public never tires of and that, as a technology, is in a constant process of evolution. and even more at an experimental level.

Types of 360 degrees video we do at Fotoempresas

Fotoempresas makes high-quality 360º videos, thanks to the professionals at Fotoempresas, who are prepared to carry out any request with the maximum precision. The team, as well as the material, is at your full disposal, ready to satisfy whatever your communication needs are, both at a private and corporate level for all your business needs. Trust in our experience.

These are some of the videos we can make for you, together with their characteristics and results.

Monoscopic Videos

This is the most common type of 360-degree video. They are recorded with a single camera from a single point of view and are therefore considered easier and more accessible than the other types discussed below. The recording process and the necessary editing afterwards is simplified when it is a single camera that provides the overall shot, although when it is a multi-camera recording, the editing stitches together all the images that the cameras have captured from their angles to create a single 360-degree clip.

The vast majority of devices offer a great visual result with monoscopic videos, and no large equipment is needed to develop them, although the more sophisticated the project, the better the audio-visual results.

Stereoscopic Videos

The other category of 360º videos that Fotoempresas can provide is stereoscopic video. Surely if we talk about 3D video it will sound more familiar to you than stereoscopic video, which is, in fact, its technical name.

These videos are formed by the three physical parameters of the third dimension: height, width, and depth and this is precisely the distinctive feature of this type of media. The result is an immersive experience of the first order, a true face-to-face between the viewer and virtual reality.

It is recorded with two cameras placed side by side, so that each camera simulates the position of an eye.

Once the recording has been made, the images are enhanced and in this way a 3D sensation is achieved.

The difference is defined by the use of the two cameras. When the recordings from each camera are viewed through VR glasses, the stereoscopic videos recreate the experience of depth and the brain does the rest, creating a 360-degree environment.

Video marketing taken to the next level

Video marketing is a tool that has been used for many years and is evolving according to the development and implementation of new technologies.

Video marketing uses various audio-visual formats, according to the message you want to convey to the potential audience to publicise, promote and ultimately sell a particular product or service.

In the case of video marketing, it is a powerful tool based on the creation and positioning of videos as a communication support, within a previously outlined content marketing strategy.

You should consider the following data, which will show you how interesting it is to create content through video marketing:

– YouTube is the video platform par excellence. When it comes to searching for content of all kinds, only Google leaves it in the shade, relegating it to second place in the search engine ranking.

– Worldwide, 78% of internet users around the world consume video content on a regular basis, and 55% of this percentage do so on a daily basis.

– Videos, unlike other types of content disseminated in other formats, have a great power of engagement, conversion and viralisation. Bear in mind that an average of 9 out of 10 internet users follow the videos of their favourite brands and share them.

– Seeing is believing, which is demonstrated by the fact that 95% of viewers retain a message better when they see it in a video. It is easy for them to find this type of content, as online videos account for a whopping 82% of traffic on social networks and the Internet. Additionally, it is also easy for them to consume it because the number of connections globally has been growing exponentially in recent years, and there is no reason to believe that it cannot grow even more.

All these data do nothing more than give wings to the idea that video marketing is one of the most popular and successful strategies, and greatly improved through social networks to promote your brand. That is why many companies are betting on this strategy, encouraging even more consumption by users.

360-degree videos are a relatively new possibility, which is perfecting its technique and positioning options as users have more powerful devices with more features.

The spectacular nature of such clips leaves no one indifferent and creates in the viewer’s mind a familiar feeling of branding and a desire to consume it at all levels.

This is where professionals come into play, since their work is the culmination of that communicative aspect that coincides so much with the desire and taste of users who are informed, enjoy, and allow themselves to be convinced if what they have in front of them is a good audio-visual product.

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